The Voice Of The Spirit

Trusting God's Voice

John 10:27(KJV) - My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Isaiah 30:21(NLT) - Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go," whether to the right or to the left.

Ever wondered why certain Christians always seem to know what to do? For some reason, their lives keep moving onward and upward regardless of the trends in society. Well, they have become proficient in recognizing and obeying The Voice of The Spirit. While others figure their way out through life these individuals receive supernatural directions that lead them along the right path. Are you interested in joining this elite group? Start by learning God’s voice through His Word everyday and communicating verbally with Him through prayer. Then obey whatever you read and hear. Now here’s the fun part.

The Holy Spirit directs you like a GPS device. You can't remain on the right path day by day if you zoom out too much and try to see God's entire plan for your life. The big picture is fine but unless you do what you need to do now it won't matter what the big picture says. He knows what's coming next and can see around corners. He knows what you need and will ensure that your path includes everything that's necessary. He can tell if you're moving at the right pace and will inform you when it's time to slow down. If you get off the path, He can re-calculate the route and get you right back where you need to be. He knows the big picture so if you trust Him, you can focus your attention on what you must do next. Try it today and see how it works.

Meditate on Proverbs 3:1-20

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