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Become A Visionary: See The Future And Own It!

Seeing The Future And Owning It!

The phrase, 20-20, denotes perfect vision. After an eye test, this result signifies the ability to see correctly and is an assurance of the need for no corrective measures. When one has a vision, one is able to develop internal eyes which operate beyond natural limitations like time and space. I operate by the mantra I learned from London mega-church pastor Dr Ramson Mumba, “The man who knows the future owns the future and those who find out after it already happened must pay him a premium for it.”

A visionary sees the future and makes decisions in the present to prepare for it. Take the stock market for instance. Investors who anticipate market trends make transactions at bargain prices long before the stocks look favorable. When the rest of the investment community realizes what's going on they're looking into the past. Clueless, they still rush to join the action on the tail end. Hence, dramatically increasing the value of the stocks which in turn enriches the earliest investors. As soon as Earthlink released its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 1999, my friend and I purchased stock because it was on the cusp of revolutionizing dial-up Internet then sold it due to impatience. Within months, it's value tripled and kept rising.

When Apple in California releases a new product they instantly cause a major upheaval in technology circles. That's because Steve Jobs, the man behind the company was a visionary. If you ever listened carefully to his speeches at each product launch, he sounded more like a philosopher and less like a computer nerd. He saw the future and owned it. With each new version of I-Mac, I-Tunes, IPOD, I-Phone, IPAD, etc. Apple stays a few steps ahead of the competition who have no choice but to copy their technology. Even if the competition can create better products after studying what Apple produces, it doesn't matter. Apple does it first!

Before the social networking explosion took place, Tom started MySpace and Mark started Facebook. I use their first names only because they were just regular guys until they saw the future and did something about it. Now everywhere we turn there's a new social networking site being created. In the early days of this movement, these visionaries had no idea exactly how people would respond. Still, they knew they had to respond to their vision of the future. Now, they have more money than they probably could count and can honestly admit that they have shaped culture.

When computers filled entire rooms and cost as much as heavy machinery, Bill Gates had a vision. It looked crazy at the time but he saw a future with personal computers and software to make them work. Now with a stronghold on the PC software market, millions of Microsoft products sold and billions of dollars later, people finally believe him.

It is not my intention to inspire you to be the next Tom, Mark or Bill. At best you can only be a poor imitation and at worst a complete failure when you attempt to mimic the success of someone else. Visionaries don't spend their entire lives pursuing other people's visions. They don't have that kind of free time. Visionaries are inspired by other visionaries to pursue their own visions.

Become A Visionary: See The Future And Own It!

Introductory Points of Power

1. Everyone has been given a purpose.

Jeremiah 1:4-5(NLT) - The Lord gave me this message: "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations."

Before you were born, God had a purpose for your life and placed it in you while you were in your mother's womb. It doesn't matter what you accomplish in life, until you discover YOUR purpose and carry it out you will never feel fulfilled.

2. Everyone needs to develop a vision.

Proverbs 29:18(KJV) - Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

If you don't have a vision for your life, you will perish. The word used here for perish is the Hebrew word para` (paw-rah') which is also translated as “run wild”, “stumble all over themselves” and “cast off restraint.”

So, let's add the first two points together. God put a purpose within you before you were born and if you are not aware of it you can't develop a true vision for your life. Without a vision, you have no choice but to run wild, stumble over yourself and cast off restraint. In many ways, that is the definition of many in our generation. They live aimlessly. They have no coordination between their actions and their goals. So they go around in circles using up great energy while making limited progress. On the other extreme are those people who set their own goals and pursue them with passion.

Highly motivated people who set personal goals and get them done are accomplished. They are the “go-getters” of society who tend to be defined by their accomplishments. However, until they accomplish God's purpose for their lives they will never have inner fulfillment. Without inner fulfillment, a void remains that highly motivated people try to fill with even more accomplishments. It never works so they end up broken and empty even though they seem to have it all.

What is your vision for the future and what are you doing about it? In this blog I choose to appeal to visionaries or at least, potential visionaries. I cannot inspire the uninspired. I cannot open the eyes of those who have chosen to shut them. I cannot unsettle the person who has chosen to remain settled. In contrast, I can awaken the dream in the discouraged dreamer. I can call forth the vision in the vanquished visionary. I can resurrect the drive for success in the one whose passion has laid dormant.

It is my assignment to deal with the part of the process which comes after the vision is seen. Seeing the future is easy but doing something about it is a big challenge. How many people do you know can talk about big things but keep doing little things? They have great visions but lack initiative. If they accomplish just half of what they talk about they might change history. As you should know, cemeteries are full of bodies which hold unfulfilled dreams and visions. I hope this blog makes it a little more difficult for you to add another one.

By the way, you're invited to join our group of visionaries at the next session of "The Body".

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