Ask Donnell: Where Did God Create Adam?

I received the following question from Cameron;

"question is about the creative process God implemented when He created Adam/Eve .. one thing has insanlely intrigued me specifically about Adam . when God formed the man from the dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life, scripture says God "put " the man into the garden to tend , cultivate, etc .. so by implication does this men Adam(or essentially the male) was created outside Eden and from what area of Earth was he transferred from ?? Eve was taken out of Adam but he was already in the garden at this time , so it would seemingly so be that both of these humans were of the same material but created in two different locations .. why not create them both in the same place? then after sin they were both expelled from the garden so can we conclude that they were banished back into the place from whence Adam was built ??"
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